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What do we offer - A Unique and Immediate Quoting Service

We believe that we offer the highest quality RV's in the USA and Canada at the best possible prices. Our website is extensive, easy to use and should answer any queries that you may have. There are sample motorhome itineraries, motorhome vehicle details including 360 IPIX tours, Top Tips and Places To Go, and a section which deals with the "Most Frequently Asked Questions".

We believe we offer a unique quoting service which is quick and easy to use, whereas our competitors require you to phone for a price. As we have very reduced overheads, we can offer a very competitive price.

We have built the website with the aim of providing as much information as possible in a simple and easy to use format. We are sure like us you are fed up with websites that are impossible to navigate, fail after what seems like an age or provide insufficient information and too much jargon. Motorhomes USA & Canada keep it simple.

Our Motorhome holiday quotes are in both euros and pounds sterling.

  • a choice of 4 sizes of superior motorhomes
  • flexible pick up and return throughout the USA and Canada
  • no hidden extras or surcharges
  • full details of the additional packages
  • the most frequently asked questions
  • sample itineraries

If you have any specific enquiries, please email us.

Our price commitment to you

We know price is important to you and we feel confident that we offer the best deal obtainable on the internet.  If you can hire a motorhome for the same duration at a better price, then please let us know.

Motorhomes USA & Canada is a clear and easy to use website which will allow you to experience the full independence, freedom and fun that can only be gained by RV’s in the Americas.  Above all we believe we offer the most competitive prices so check us out, we are sure you will be impressed. If you're looking for the best value, the earlier you book the cheaper the price.

Our motorhome holiday quotes are in both Euros and Pound Sterling.

Quoting is simple: Fill in the form and once you are happy with your quote, Call us on 01892 779900 or email info@motorhomes-usa-canada.com to reserve your Motorhome.

Top 10 Tips

  1. The early bird option is a must, it allows you to pick up the RV first thing in the morning (when you are dieing to get going) and deliver it back late on your returning day (often helpful when you are navigating across a City).
  2. Keep the plates and mugs in an outside storage compartment - they rattle.
  3. Sites with full "hook ups" especially in peak season in popular locations can fill up quickly. Phone 2 or 3 days ahead. If you do wish to pre-book go to Kampgrounds of America (www.koa.com). The camp grounds are normally a good standard and sometimes have swimming pools.
  4. An RV with a separate generator allows you to stop at sites were there is no full "hook up" (power supply, sewage etc). When stationary the internal lighting and appliances will still run powered by the engine battery, but only for a limited period. Most motorhomes in the USA have generators however in Canada only the C30 has a generator.
  5. Don't take hard suitcases (soft holdalls are best), these are easier to pack away in the outside storage compartment (put the plates and mugs in them).
  6. Child seats are not provided, so if required bring your own.
  7. Remember to drive on the right. (On reflection this should be point 1)
  8. Petrol (gas) stations can be in some cases 100 or 200 kms apart. Always keep the tank at least quarter full.
  9. You must be 21
  10. Have fun!

Top 10 Places to Go

  1. Canadian Rockies
  2. Vancouver Island
  3. Yellowstone National Park
  4. Yosemite National Park
  5. Utah National Parks
  6. Grand Canyon National Park and Sedona
  7. Glacier National Park
  8. Oregon Volcanoes
  9. Pacific Highway-California
  10. Florida Keys